Mitxel Moriana CV Picture

Mitxel Moriana

Full Stack Web Developer

Contact & Bio

Phone: (+34) 622 70 63 10
Date of Birth: August 13, 1984
Address: Barcelona, Spain
Nationality: Spanish

Things I love

Continuous formation: Because web technologies evolve at the speed of light!
Continuous delivery: Isn’t it just great to provide value to our customers asap?
Good team work environment and methodologies.
Innovative environment: Let’s bring new ideas to the table!

Work History

Full Stack Web Developer @ 3iPunt Solucions Informàtiques (Moodle Partner)

Jan 2018 - current (1 year, 8 months)

Analysis and implementation of custom web and mobile apps solutions.

Full Stack Web Developer @ CV&A Consulting (Moodle Partner)

March 2016 - Dec, 2017 (1 year, 10 months)

Analysis and implementation of custom web and mobile apps solutions.

Full Stack Web Developer @ milPROFES (Startup)

Dec 2014 - Feb, 2016 (1 year, 3 months)

Analysis and implementation of custom web apps solutions.

Full Stack Web Developer @ Freelance

Jan 2010 - current (9 years, 8 months)

Analysis and implementation of custom web and mobile apps solutions.


Moodle MCCC 3.1 - Functional knowledge of a Moodle LMS solution - April 4th, 2018 - Grade: 92.67/100. Verify


Turning Moodle into a PWA (Progressive Web App) @ MoodleMoot Spain 2018


Moodle for Workplace (2019, partnership with Moodle HQ) - Official plugins development for the enterprise version of the well-known LMS. Link
SUIMAQ Incidents management (2016, freelance) - Design and development of a Laravel app to coordinate industrial incidents resolution, including prioritization, live notificacions and predictive alerts based in technical information.


1st prize @ HackEPS Hackathon Lleida Universitat de Lleida, Xtrategics · Nov, 2017
2nd prize @ Accessible Cities Hackathon Barcelona Accenture, Microsoft · May, 2017
3rd prize @ Code in the Dark Barcelona CodeWorks · January, 2017
2nd prize @ Accenture Digital Hackathon Madrid Accenture, Adobe · November, 2016

Educational Background

International Business Course @ ESADE Business & Law School 2015
Civil Engineering Degree (dropped out) @ UPC, BarcelonaTech 2010-2015
Production Planning and Management Diploma @ SEAS 2009-2010


English: Full professional proficiency
Spanish: Native
Catalan: Native
Chinese: Starter
Persian: Starter


Examples of solutions I have recently coded professionally or for fun and the tech stacks involved:

  • Bloomon CLI App - Software design exercise with an optimization algorithm (TypeScript, NodeJS, Mocha+Chai Testing, Docker)
  • Railings Web App - UI solution for a geometry and engineering problem (Angular, TypeScript, Jasmine+Karma Testing)
  • Docker-Moodle - Docker solution for Moodle developers (Docker, Bash Scripting)
  • 8kek Web App - Clone of a famous web app built with Laravel just for fun (Laravel, JQuery, Bootstrap, SCSS)
  • Gardening Manager App - Custom hybrid desktop app to manage an inventory (Javascript, NodeJS, NW.js)
  • All my repositories


Check my current skills! You can search specific words or sort them by tech name, category or skill level. These are the definitions I have used for each skill level:

  • TODO: “No professional experience yet, so I would love to use it in future projects”.
  • Beginner: “I have used it sporadically”, “I know how to use it”.
  • Intermediate: “I know all its basics”, “I have used it regularly in some projects”.
  • Advanced: “I could teach the basics”, “I do advanced stuff with this”.
  • Master: “I could teach the advanced features”, “I practically do magic with it”.

Tech Category Skill
PHP (PHP5, PHP7) Programming language Advanced
JavaScript (ES5, ES6) Programming language Advanced
TypeScript Programming language Intermediate
C Programming language Intermediate
Go Programming language Beginner
C# Programming language Beginner
Java Programming language Beginner
Babel Transpiler Intermediate
Webpack Module bundler Beginner
Browserify Module bundler Beginner
Jekyll Static site generator Intermediate
Python Programming language Intermediate
Ruby Programming language Beginner
HTML Markup Language Master
CSS Stylesheets Language Master
SCSS, SASS Stylesheets Language Advanced
Shell script Programming language Advanced
Markdown Markup Language Advanced
JSON Data serialization format Advanced
XML Markup Language Intermediate
YAML Data serialization format Advanced
API SOAP Web services Intermediate
API REST Web services Advanced
WordPress CMS Intermediate
Magento CMS Beginner
Drupal CMS Beginner
Joomla CMS Beginner
Nginx HTTP Server Intermediate
Apache2 HTTP Server Intermediate
Microsoft SQL SQL Database Intermediate
MySQL SQL Database Advanced
Redis In-memory cache Intermediate
Memcached In-memory cache Intermediate
Bootstrap UI library Master
jQuery JavaScript library Master
Underscore JavaScript library Master
Linux Operative system Advanced
OSX Operative system Advanced
Windows Operative system Advanced
AWS Amazon Web Services Cloud computing Intermediate
DigitalOcean Cloud computing Intermediate
Microsoft Azure Cloud computing Intermediate
Vue Development framework Beginner
AngularJS Development framework Intermediate
Angular2 Development framework Intermediate
Laravel Development framework Advanced
RubyOnRails Development framework TODO
Symfony Development framework Intermediate
Cordova Mobile apps framework Intermediate
Ionic Mobile apps framework Intermediate
Framework7 UI Framework Intermediate
Moodle LMS Advanced
NW.js NodeWebkit Desktop apps framework Advanced
Electron Desktop apps framework Beginner
Docker Virtualization Intermediate
VirtualBox Virtualization Intermediate
Jenkins Continuous integration tools TODO
Travis Continuous integration tools Intermediate
GitLab Continuous integration tools Beginner
PHPUnit Testing framework Intermediate
Behat Testing framework Intermediate
Selenium Testing framework Intermediate
Karma Testing framework Intermediate
Jasmine Testing framework Intermediate
Google Analytics Web Analytics Intermediate
Google Tag Manager Web Analytics Intermediate
Git VCS Advanced
Solr Search Engine TODO
CouchDB NoSQL Database Intermediate
MongoDB NoSQL Database Intermediate
SCRUM Software Development Methodology Intermediate
Kanban Software Development Methodology Intermediate
SOLID Software Development Principles Intermediate
Agile Software Development Principles Intermediate
PostgreSQL SQL Database Intermediate
Django Development framework TODO
C++ Programming language TODO
MVC Design Pattern Advanced
OOP Programming Paradigm Intermediate
Doctrine ORM Beginner
Eloquent ORM Advanced
Node.js Run-time Environment Intermediate
RabbitMQ Message Queuing TODO
Ansible Configuration Management TODO
Puppet Configuration Management TODO
Chef Configuration Management TODO
Vagrant Virtualization Intermediate
PHPSpec Testing framework TODO
TDD Software Development Process Beginner
Spring Development framework TODO
Hibernate ORM TODO
Backbone Development framework Intermediate
PhpStorm IDE Master
Sublime IDE Intermediate
Atom IDE Intermediate
Eclipse IDE TODO
JIRA Issue tracker Intermediate
Confluence Team collaboration Intermediate
Objective-C Programming language Beginner
Swift Programming language TODO
Android SDK SDK Beginner
iOS SDK SDK Beginner
Elasticsearch Search Engine TODO
Android Studio IDE Beginner
XCode IDE Beginner